you are a marketing person

• Do not put your money away! Unless you have a lot to throw away, any throw in that you can afford. Budget, and keep within your budget. The only flowers, when you need to. You will come across many websites internet marketing courses, e-books, or a piece of software to enjoy your money, you spend your hard-earned money. Do not fall into the trap. The first survey, asking other businesses to see the products they are familiar with, and to recommend it. That the forum comes in handy, it is beneficial. • Do not believe all the hype, you will encounter. As an example. Buy this software now! You just need to, until midnight or prices doubled or tripled. You can save $ 200.00, if you buy now! Do not believe it, the price will be the same tomorrow, and the next. Or, here is a good choice. I just sold the first 50 people to visit my website. Yes, that's right. . I really believe that one. · Do not forget that you are every marketer has a potential customer, so they will try to sell you their product or service to make money. Remember, you are a marketing person, your goal is to sell your product or service to others, rather than to buy them for you. You're reading my article "do and don'ts of Internet marketing novice" Part 2. Part 1 describes the do, this part of the Notes. · Do not get frustrated and give up, because things did not happen. You must have the mentality of, you can do it successfully. Granted that you will have good days and bad days. Every achievement is a victory. Each failure is a learning experience. No one industry is an overnight success. · Do not get me wrong, some of the services or products are worth buying. You just need to find out what is right for you and your business. Remember, you do not want to line the pockets of others. Do you want to line up their own.