work the problem only dedicated novice rookie

The the the author Links attitude as his blog on top remind the sentence: "friends want to do Links Please friendship and then link". After all the way from the exchange Links traversed, once a PR4-station, of the weight 1 literally exchanged over 20 PR4 above link, wherein PR6 weights of 4 or more as much as 5, since these links are accumulated from rather than overnight, since a view that is not how, but it attracted the attention of a friend, ask me how to do another almost over 20 are good, not to mention basic than own good, and my answer is just that, based on the friendship link. Link because I believe there are a lot of people added as long as the condition subsequently disappeared, so I do not think think that link is with friendship. Finally, more than some of the wonderful work the problem only dedicated novice rookie, hoping to correct some mistaken ideas about the veterans on drifting course, if there is at What is wrong with or in connection with different perspectives are also welcome to contact the author to communicate pointed out that Kazakhstan . Recommendation: For when exchange links, not to measure exchange with www and without www or not, more was analyzed according to the specific sites with and without in terms of search engine two completely the same site (of course, a domain name is the same, just the secondary DNS becomes different). Only that site quality enough to impress you, not illegal like stations that change what is wrong? Warm recommendations: