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A great ad, I saw once said: "If you are an electronic, you will now." This is an ad at the airport. It is on the Internet. It is electronic, so it is very fast. Click on a link, you can find the site, click on one after another in Australia, you can be in the United States. If you want to get information from these countries in any other way, you may end up having to go there. WWW is no longer needed. Go to the click of a button you want. This is very common. Because the World Wide Web is not faceless (in most cases), it can appear cold and inhuman. It can make you feel isolated, very introverted. Not a good feeling. Everyone likes to socialize, make more friends, but in this case, quite difficult, anyway, in the business. * Very fast The Internet electronic, so no physical seize as in the brick-and-mortar business. This greatly reduces your costs, because you do not really need many materials or buildings. In the functions of computers and networks around the world) I mean, you have no place to set up shop and sell them to locals. You can create an online store to sell anyone in the world. This means a huge potential revenue increase and a small part of the cost for you, it will set up shop all over the world. Network Marketing Advantages Disadvantages. Information overload: Now there is so much information on the World Wide Web, it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between junk and quality. A lot of nonsense for the novice. Here is an example: "nothing to do, make money fast, sound familiar? I bet you have a ton of e-mail to say something like that. * You can reach a global audience . Low cost: There are the Advantages Disadvantages network marketing, but I will not cover all the article. However, I will focus on several important. Can be left feeling isolated businessman: * Hard to say, if the person is lying, because you can not see his face Once again, we have a lot of information on the part of the World Wide Web. There are a lot of good information. An industry can have a lot of competition, and this can make you more confused, if there is a lot of nonsense. You may not be able to tell who choose. If you are a senior network, you will not have much to worry about, but if you are a novice, then this is a problem. Disadvantages: But: You can be information overload. Advantages: There are some advantages of network marketing disadvantage is: Very fast: You can reach a global audience: * Can leave the businessman feeling isolated This is the Internet, so it's low cost Hard to say, if the person is lying: