service general workers demand increases

Xue Guohua advises job seekers to adjust the concept of finding the right job is a good job. In addition, the employer want to change employing the concept, to give employees reasonable wages, to give employees a sense of belonging and reduce staff turnover. This morning, the personnel service center in Hunan Province released the first labor demand report. General workers in the province and employment continue to increase in 2013, while more urgent demand for technical personnel or senior personnel. In addition, the marketing talent sells for 10 consecutive years, the vast majority of enterprises will be the basic salary referred to 2500 yuan. . Since the beginning of the end of February, Changsha talent market is very lively. Hunan talent market exchange Minister Xue Guohua introduction, this Saturday is expected to only two in Hunan and Changsha City talent market will provide nearly 20,000 jobs, more than 5 million people expected date of admission seekers. Now postganglionic recruitment climax this weekend Positions kept the gap between the job you want to adjust their ideas General workers and employment in our province continues to increase Despite the talent market looks extremely strong, people come to job seekers, there are still a lot of disappointment. Changsha held many job fairs, the same type of job, some companies play the "annual salary of 10 million or 30 million in wages, some only a few thousand dollars." The dislocation of the supply and demands full of talent market, not just post technically practical, job-seekers and the requirements are gaps. "From the Festival of job fairs, sales personnel most difficult to recruit." The person in charge of the provincial service center personnel. The employment needs of the enterprises in the province this year compared to the substantial increase in jobs last year, general workers, mechanic, hotel service staff, in particular the production and service general workers demand increases. General workers from employment enterprise requirements to the age of 16 years old -34 years old junior high school, high school, college and secondary education level staffing needs based. Vocational skills, with a certain level of technical workers and skilled workers is very sought after, more senior technicians and technicians more favored tight market supply and demand. Talent market "blowout." This weekend, the province will be ushered in after the Spring Festival this year, the biggest wave of Jobs Summit. Hunan and Changsha, only two major talent market is expected to put the launch of nearly 20,000 jobs, nearly 50,000 people came to job. This morning, the talent market in Hunan Province issued the first labor demand report. Experts remind job seekers need to adjust their ideas, looking for a suitable job.