people who survived the cuts

Are you a victim of "downsizing" it? Do you hate your job?Be You sick too tired to go home, and enjoy your life? I typed in family businesses of up to 40 million + pages pop up A. Wow! I think I must be really going to happen. -------------------------------- . We once had a four-person office, but now the University downsizing, we are only two people office. Listen up! My name is Casey Smith and I work in the Lake Superior National University of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. In the past two years The captaincy our country has cut state-funded higher Up to 20% of the education. This led to layoffs, In my school work offset. I decided to do something. I am on the Internet, Started looking for a way to start my own home. I Figured out, then I will kill their own work, it might as well For my own! So, I began to read some of these pages. Well, I will tell you. But first, I want to tell you who I am. I am very fortunate to come home that night, too tired to spend Quality, too tired, and the investment of time with family and friends Any time tired, I love to do anything I like to do. My health is suffering from stress and overwork. I've developed a migraine, irritable bowel syndrome. Night, I could not sleep. This is what I found in the "golden carrot"! Why I am angry, I can put my computer right upstairs Window? I was a "lucky" people who survived the cuts and To have a job. I not only have their own work, but the work of two The people in our office, who was eliminated. So, now I have three FULL-TIME work. Look at how lucky I do?