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In the current form, the search engine only adjustment algorithm, reducing the impact on the rankings, but a lot of people are still, as always, feel own website clearly there are tens of thousands outside the chain, why ranking is still poor do? Thus, the leadership thought it was outside the chain are not enough, more and more outside the chain of manufacturing machine appeared. The same industry, the same geographical then do it through someone else's own, this correlation would be great, would not have worked so hard to find their own. . Resources is good outside the chain one to accumulate, this would be useful, and more relaxed in future work. Some SEO practitioners, the author here to remind outside chain Admittedly important, but the quality is higher than the number of ten thousand garbage outside the chain outside the chain is far better than 100 high-quality, their effort is needed on the number of outer chain, is better spent on quality , spent above the user, even if it is done outside the chain but also user-centered, users see a link to click on it? This link will bring business? With this kind of thinking to do outside the chain, all the user-centric, this link is useful, the only nature outside the chain of the highest quality only. Outside the chain is a long-term work, not simply single outside the chain from where to find resources Daquan can do it. Do outside the chain when I and most people went around looking for resources, kept outside the chain, in one single day with three hundred are perfectly normal, but slowly hair, you know what place relatively easily made outside the chain, which places included, this accumulation of resources more a day, only made one hundred outside the chain, with the streamlining of late, after the day the number of foreign chains control 30 - 50, after this adjustment, the ranking of the site did not decline, but is still rising, so the quality is higher than the amount of the outer chain. How to accumulation of resources outside the chain? Outside the chain tool can save us a lot of work, many owners the tools can be found outside the chain of data, that is, the doamin instruction, in fact, this directive query outside the chain is very accurate indeed, the the Baidu new version webmaster tools which can indeed be found outside the chain data, but only one-sided, because many outside the chain outside the chain are invalid or simply do not, there will be a lot of errors. Better than none, we can query the peer site outside the chain, we Kunshan logistics company, search logistics company in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao and other places outside the chain, check the first three pages by different the regional companies look at their outer chain is where do, this is the easiest method of getting links, but Baidu Webmaster Tools To own site verified to use this feature.