delete do outside the chain Commissioner

Outside the chain building bases to develop again. Existing outside the chain platform works well, but because of the large number outside the chain, so is not a long-term plan, so the development of the new platform became the next stage of the outer chain Commissioner literacy training. At this time, I will be appropriate to give them some time to study the prettier outside the chain building practices, such as time ago the developed Witkey platform, another example using intitle instructions to find out all containing advertising nature of the forum, and so on, these innovative construction techniques to take over orders are extremely effective, of course, are also the Commissioners were outside the chain of R & D results. Optimization an SEO executives responsible for not only the whole building, the more important is the coverage optimization ideas, which is one of the day-to-day work of the Commissioner of the new outer chain training. As the competent usual training we should pay attention to what or training step, what is it? Improved work skills as well as the construction of the outer chain. After a period of time before the run-in, the novice has to become familiar with this career, this time I will ask him what to do to be able to let their own outside the chain of higher quality, higher value added in the construction of the outer chain. For example, the Post issued most cases will sink, that focus on the number of pre-late must improve quality, how to register other account using the vest to enhance Posts heat, or the use of accumulated pulse given posts better visibility, attach to the outside of the chain building process of brand marketing, the main task of this stage are outside the chain Commissioner. Reasonable Links conversion easily. In fact, this work is not tired, just boring nothing, because of the high intensity work after the first few stages, I think individuals are very depressed, so arrangements outside the chain Commissioner use contacts at this stage to go to our target site pull to the right Friends of the chain, the price paid at least the best, of course, the Friends of the chain's standards did not have to say, I am sure you all know that. I just want to say that the more backward, increasing the proportion of contacts and experience outside the chain Commissioner will be accounted for in the day-to-day work. Law, and learn to master the platform to analyze the statistical data accordingly. Outside the chain Commissioner usually the most common contact is platform operation, these platforms often has the day-to-day project, because as a novice is difficult to dig out the new building point, it has platform is usually divided into the forums, questions and answers, as well as the exchange area of ​​soft paper three, for the operation of these projects, as Head of Chaomu data tend to be more concerned about their platform data analysis. To name a forum one case, the the outer chain Commissioner to do this piece when generally concerned about the two points, that the post included speed and survival time, About Indexed speed is Let decided an important basis for building outside the chain is not in this, if the day included last week included a lot of words, then this place will know that we often do. Survival time, the second point is included because some forum included articles, but delete do outside the chain Commissioner is made in accordance with this rule statistics. . Let novices outer chain Commissioner familiar with the nature of the work. Is the so-called Brothers tests the sincerity of to give the outer chain Commissioner an appropriate career orientation, they not only help to deepen understanding of the work, but also conducive to the efficiency of the work. Take me personally, I will give a career planning training first before novice posts so that they recognize that outside the chain of the Commissioner made outside the chain is not the so-called write soft paper, affixed to the top pure manual labor, but a associated with miscellaneous marketing and brand-building one, just post the top posted, I think people understand the computer can do, this is not a good thing for their career planning.